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World Expo History

The way we live today has been shaped through World Expos for the last 170 years.

Suffice to say that polymath and mechanical engineer Charles Babbage took part in the World’s Fair [as Expo was then known] of 1862 with his first mechanical computers. Alexander Graham Bell’s demonstration of the first telephone, and the first television broadcast were also part of the earlier Expo platforms.

World Expos are held every five years, for a six-month period. Today’s main objective is to cast a spotlight on global issues, providing a platform to discuss the challenges we are facing, and present solutions from the realms of science, technology, business and culture.

Alexander Bell in 1876 at Philadelphia’s Centennial Exposition of Arts, one of the earlier Expos.

World Expos Locations Since 1851


World Expos

(last one Expo 2015 Milan)


Specialised Expos

(last one Expo 2017 Astana)


Horticultural Expos

(last one Expo 2019 Beijing)


Triennale di Milano

(last one Triennale di Milano 2019)